Trust showcases new brand and website

Trust showcases new brand and website

Trust's new logo © Trust Housing Association

Trust Housing Association has unveiled its new corporate brand and website as part of its 50th birthday celebrations.

The organisation, which will still be called ‘Trust’, said its previous visual identities were dated and not widely recognised, either nationally or locally in the communities it serves, and no longer reflected the organisation and employer it has become and what it stands for.

A spokesperson added: “Re-branding has given us the opportunity to adopt a modern, bold and engaging brand and visual identity – replacing the previous core Trust and Wishaw sub brands. A new brand and visual identity that stays true to our purpose to ‘make a positive difference to the lives of the customers and communities we serve’, and continues our commitment to help our customers to feel secure and live well, with affordable homes and exceptional care.

“The stylisation of the ‘r’ and ‘u’ represent the partnership, support and care that lies at the heart of who we are. This also shapes our signature graphic pattern which brings energy to our brand communications.”

The brand blueprint and identity were developed in 2022 in collaboration over a series of focus groups with customers, employees and board members. All the photography used
across the new brand identity and website are of ‘real’ customers and employees.

Separate from this, it has also been working on a new website which replaces both the existing Trust and Wishaw & District websites - the web address remains

Trust said its previous websites had been due an update for quite a while, and it has taken this opportunity to develop one modern website which has been designed around customer research and aims to significantly improve the user experience and help it reach out to more people. The launch of the new website has been timed with the re-brand to
achieve best value for money.

Rhona McLeod, Trust’s CEO, said: “Re-branding and developing a new website are key parts of our strategy and we’re delighted to be able to align the launch of both with the milestone of our 50th birthday.

“The new brand stays true to our purpose and our commitment to providing affordable homes and exceptional care but also better represents the modern organisation we are today, while the new website will provide a significantly improved user experience. The changes will help us to raise our public profile and supports us to stand out, helping us to attract and retain potential new and existing customers and employees.

“We are always mindful of value for money, even more so during the current challenging economic climate – we have delivered on a tight budget and the reduction to one brand and website will be more cost effective going forward.”

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