Value of housing education highlighted by CIH Scotland as report calls for improved access and uptake

CIH Scotland is calling for employers, colleges, universities, learning centres, the Scottish Government and its agencies to work together to improve access to housing education in Scotland.

Value of housing education highlighted by CIH Scotland as report calls for improved access and uptake

The Housing Education in Scotland report reviews the landscape for housing education in Scotland and draws a series of conclusions about:

  • The value of housing education and the high regard in which it is held in the sector
  • Awareness of content and standards and the need for CIH to communicate more effectively about what content exists
  • Course content and the recognition that there is a scope for new housing education content that could enhance the delivery of services
  • Changing the market and the value of evaluating the impact of mandatory letting agent qualifications
  • Learner journey and the need for data on the demography of student studying housing education
  • Collaboration and the need for all learning centres to work together to address common challenges
  • The strengths of the online and blended model but also the need to be mindful of accessibility consideration for all learners

In response to the conclusions, the report also makes a series of recommendations including:

  • The development of content matching different qualifications required for roles within the housing sector at all career stages and for employers to ensure housing qualifications at desirable criteria for all roles
  • Creation of a CIH webpage which hosts information on all current housing qualifications, explains the content of each, explains the standards set by CIH as an awarding body and how learners in Scotland can access the course that suits them
  • Improved partnership working across the housing education sector
  • Review the impact of the mandatory qualification for relevant letting agency staff and the impact it made on practice in the PRS and the experience of tenants.

The chair of the advisory group, which the oversaw the report, Amanda Britain said: “There is a vibrant landscape of housing education in Scotland. However, it is vital that we build on these strengths and consider how to create a more collaborative and cohesive housing education sector in Scotland to meet the emerging demands of the profession and education providers.

“This report sets out the practical steps required by CIH, learning centres, employers and the Scottish Government to enhance access to housing education in Scotland, create further alignment between the partners and to improve access to housing education across the country.”

CIH Scotland national director, Callum Chomczuk, added: “My thanks to Amanda and the other group members for their support in writing this report. It sets out clearly the steps required to increase access to housing education in Scotland.

“As the body for professional standards, the Chartered Institute of Housing seeks to equip housing practitioners, so they have the right knowledge, skills, behaviours and values for their job.

“However, professionalism does not exist in isolation. It is informed by the practice, the training, and learning that housing practitioners demonstrate day in, day out as well as the political, regulatory and commercial environment. It is informed by high quality housing education and I hope as we progress these recommendations, we will increase uptake and access to housing education.”

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