Volunteers sought to help Bield tenants stay connected

Silver SurferA Bield very sheltered housing development in Airdrie is looking for tech savvy volunteers and social activity assistants to help expand and enhance the activities offered to its tenants.

Broomfield Gardens requires Silver Surfer tutors on a Monday morning or afternoon to support a group of tenants who have recently acquired iPads.

Development manager Yvonne McQueen said: “For the generation of our tenants, using computers and the internet is still relatively new, and for many it is mystery how it all works. We want to recruit Silver Surfer tutors to further their internet skills to get them connected to the world wide web and all its attractions.”

The development is also looking for a social activity co-ordinator to organise and run bingo and craft activities. It would be beneficial if the volunteer had an artistic skill as the tenants would like to develop their knowledge on craft making.

The volunteer initiative reinforces the ‘Free to Be’ ethos of Bield which aims to help older people to make their own decisions and maintain independence whilst offering assistance if they need it.

Donna Dickson, volunteer development worker, said: “This programme has an extremely positive effect on our tenants. Being able to get involved in a range of activities and socialise with others within the development, and within the community really enhances quality of life.”

For further information contact Yvonne McQueen on 01236 758 313 or Donna Dickson on 07887 796 744/ 0131 273 4095 or email d.dickson@bield.co.uk.


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