West Dunbartonshire outlines plans to deliver more homes

In a bid to further increase the provision of new affordable homes West Dunbartonshire Council has formed a new partnership with local housing associations and is to consider the introduction of alternative tenures at a development in Clydebank East.

West Dunbartonshire outlines plans to deliver more homes

Caledonia Housing Association, Clydebank Housing Association and Dunbritton Housing Association have all been instrumental to the council’s increased provision of new housing for rent and other affordable housing solutions.

The council is now approaching the final two years of the More Homes Better Homes initiative – which will see over 1000 new homes constructed across West Dunbartonshire.

The new partnership had led to a firm commitment from all parties involved to create an Affordable Housing New Build programme beyond that.

Officers are currently working on this latest plan in partnership with developing housing associations.

It is anticipated that an excess of 800 new homes will be delivered in the West Dunbartonshire area through the new strategic partnerships over the next five year period.

Councillor Diane Docherty, convener of the housing and communities committee, said: “We are committed to working with Housing Associations, so I welcome this new partnership which recognises the extremely valuable contribution these organisations can have when we think about regenerating areas and providing more new homes to meet housing needs.

“Of course it is all hands on deck at the moment to ensure that our commitment to delivering 1000 new affordable homes by March 2021 is achieved.

“But I am extremely pleased to see that plans have been put in motion for the years following this, when we will still be aiming to improve our areas and provide greater numbers of homes for rent.”

Councillor Caroline McAllister, vice-convener of the committee, added: “All three of these housing associations have contributed greatly to the provision of new affordable housing in West Dunbartonshire since the announcement of the Scottish Governments More Homes Scotland initiative and they significantly feature in Affordable Housing Development Plans going forward.

“I know this partnership will make positive changes to our housing stock going forward, but the additional investment it generates will bring with it much needed construction jobs, training places and apprenticeships through each organisation’s approach to community benefits.”

The More Homes Better Homes project also included the provision of more than 140 new homes in Clydebank East.

The site was previously being considered for an estimated 50 new properties, but last week committee members were told that alternative tenures are being assessed.

If such tenures are believed to be suitable, it will nearly triple the number of new homes originally planned. This will add a further 90 homes to the already ambitious target for the More Homes initiative.

A report also outlined progress on several other projects throughout West Dunbartonshire. These included the former St Andrew’s High School in Clydebank, where 120 homes will be built, Crevuel Court in Alexandria, Dumbarton Harbour and Queens Quay. Work has already started at St Andrew’s and all other projects will begin construction this year.

Councillor Docherty said: “Making West Dunbartonshire a place that our residents are proud to call home is one of our top priorities and our More Homes initiative will provide a large number of high quality and affordable properties to make this happen. I look forward to hearing more about the various possibilities for Clydebank East and seeing construction work on all of these projects begin this year.”

Councillor McAllister added: “I am delighted with the progress being made so far on such a range of different sites. The residents in these areas throughout West Dunbartonshire will see huge benefits from the addition of such a high standard of property, which is also affordable and environmentally friendly.”

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