West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative committee approves 2% rent increase

West Whitlawburn Housing coopWest Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative (WWHC) has agreed to increase its rents by 2% for 2017/18 to meet its financial requirement for the upcoming year.

An extensive consultation exercise was held with all tenants/members the WWHC management committee, all of whom are tenant/members themselves, who decided that the increase was a prudent and required course of action.

The decision was taken in the light of CPI inflation running currently at 1.6% and RPI inflation currently running at 2.5% in the UK.

The Co-operative’s philosophy to rent charges is to ensure it is providing the highest possible quality of services to tenant/members at a rent which is reasonable, comparable and affordable. The committee considered the rent rises of many similar housing organisations and the WWHC increase is lower or similar to most of those other organisations.

A WWHC statement read: “The committee fully appreciates the financial difficulties some tenants/members are currently experiencing, caused by austerity, macro economic recessions and welfare benefit reform.”

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