Wheatley Group’s move-on service for women experiencing domestic abuse celebrates first anniversary

Wheatley Group's move-on service for women experiencing domestic abuse celebrates first anniversary

Laura Pluck

A lifeline service for women experiencing domestic abuse, Revive Scotland, is marking its first anniversary today.

The move-on service helps women and children who are homeless find suitable and safe housing in different areas across the country.

The project is a partnership between Wheatley Group and Homefinder UK. It also relies on working closely with over 140 partners and agencies across the country, including other housing associations, local authorities, Police Scotland and Women’s Aid.

The service is funded by the Scottish Government and is free for all local authorities in Scotland.

Since its launch, Revive Scotland has helped 16 women, some of whom have children, find a home in a new area. Seventeen children are now safely in a new home thanks to the scheme.

Laura Pluck, Wheatley’s Group director of communities, said: “Many women who have experienced domestic abuse want a fresh start in a different part of the country. They might want to be closer to family, or a new job, or a school for their children, outside of their current local authority area, or to be in an area of safety away from their abuser.

“Revive Scotland helps arrange this and has already helped a number of women to have a fresh start. The women helped by Revive Scotland have told us what a difference it has made to their lives.”

Revive Scotland also helps women access wraparound support services, including home safety, furniture access, and referral for financial advice, support and guidance.

Andrea Williams, Revive Scotland project coordinator, added: “Revive Scotland helps to break the link between homelessness and domestic abuse. We have been actively working with many organisations, and the positive results achieved by Revive Scotland are due to combined efforts from many services.

“We are very proud to have supported these 16 women and their children to relocate to a new area of their choice, empowering them along the way to make changes in their lives. In the process our service has also helped prevent and alleviate homelessness.”

In one case, a service user said: “This has made a difference in my life by giving me the support that I needed. This service should be put into place for all people experiencing domestic abuse as it gives them the opportunity to move on quickly, while knowing someone is at the other end.”

Another service user added: “I am so happy. Since moving I have noticed a big difference in my kids. My kids are happy, and they are sleeping well. They are not waking up during the night scared. They are making friends and now having my own home I feel like we have lots to look forward to.”

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