DM Hall

Blog: Home Reports have worked well for 10 years, but surveyors must always be open to opportunities for improvement

Marking a decade since the introduction of Home Reports, Eric Curran highlights issues such as length, categories, valuation price and the importance of being on a lender panel.

Published 13 December 2018

Blog: 40 years under the floorboards - the life and times of a dedicated Chartered Surveyor

Eric Curran at DM Hall on the changes in the surveyor sector which he has witnessed firsthand over the last 40 years.

Published 26 October 2018

Blog: New thinking required to buck hard facts about Scotland’s housing market

Eric Curran, managing partner of independent chartered surveyors DM Hall, looks at the complex property market influences which can prohibit first time buyers finding a home.

Published 1 August 2018

Home Reports ‘continue to prove their worth’ in Scotland

As the Home Report prepares to turn ten years old this year, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has argued that there is no doubt that it has found its place in the complex world of property transactions.

Published 5 July 2018

Blog: Dilapidations – a question of timing

Chartered surveyor Kenny McDonald outlines the best time for landlords and tenants to get advice on dilapidations claims.

Published 1 March 2018

Blog: It's time for a grown-up conversation about how to help solve Scotland's housing crisis

Andrew McFarlane discusses the issue of the housing crisis in Scotland and outlines what action has to be taken to rectify the problem.

Published 28 November 2017

Blog: Time for a fresh look at the case for compulsory installation of residential sprinklers?

Andrew McFarlane makes the case for UK-wide regulation to make sprinklers mandatory in all new build houses.

Published 26 September 2017