England: Half of landlords 'more likely to leave sector' after tenancy reforms

Nearly half of landlords and letting agents in England and Wales claim they are more likely to remove some or all of their investment in the private rented sector because of UK government plans to end "no explanation" repossessions.

Published 22 May 2019

England: Building social housing would have saved £1.8 billion in rent over two decades

Renters in England and Wales would have saved £1.8 billion in rent over the past two decades if the UK Government had invested in social housing, according to new research.

Published 19 February 2019

England: Rent reduction to set back affordable housebuilding

The UK government's commitment to 1 per cent annual rent reductions in the social rented sector will negatively affect affordable housebuilding, according to independent analysis.

Published 9 July 2015

England: Benefit changes make areas off-limits to big families

Some parts of England will become "off-limits for larger families" when the overall benefit cap is lowered, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has said.

Published 22 June 2015