Cohousing initiative planned to build community spirit in Maryhill

A typical cohousing development
A typical cohousing development

Plans are in the pipeline to develop an eco-friendly cohousing project in Maryhill.

The cohousing model involves a group of people building, developing and running their own community. Everyone has their own private home, but there is also a ‘common house’ where residents can come together to share activities and meals together as often as they want.

A group of activists called Clachan Cohousing has approached Glasgow City Council regarding the sale of land for a co-housing project in Collina Street in Maryhill.

The group aims to self build the project using energy efficient construction techniques, and use renewable energy sources to create homes with low carbon footprint and low energy bills.

The project will be accessible to people on different incomes, using a Mutual Home Ownership model for financing. Rather than taking on individual mortgages, residents will pay a 10 per cent deposit towards the build cost of their home and then pay 35 per cent of their income towards paying off the equity. If residents decide to leave, they will get some of this back.

Plans for another cohousing scheme are already well underway in Glasgow.

The Penington project will create 24 properties for residents aged over 55. It is the first communal living scheme of its kind in Scotland and a site has been identified in the Pollokshields area.

The latest project will be based on the LILAC project in Leeds, which comprises 20 dwellings, a central allotment and shared garden, two small car parks, three bike sheds and a large common house.

The common house has shared facilities including washing machines, and a workshed with communal tools.

Martin Graham from Clachan Cohousing said: “We believe that Clachan Cohousing fulfils a number of housing needs in Glasgow - it will create a small, self-supporting community, it will be accessible to people on a variety of incomes, it will be a self-built and self-managed project, the residents will assume full responsibility for ongoing maintenance and care, and the project will strive to be as energy efficient as possible.

“We are holding meetings fortnightly at present, we have been in contact with Glasgow City Council to discuss purchase of the land, and we are currently seeking more interested parties to get involved in the project.”

A presentation and Q&A on the project will be held on November 26 at the Maryhill Hub followed by short tour of the proposed site.

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