Dundee City Council approves plans for 34 new homes

Plans for 34 new multi-bedroom homes in Whitfield in Dundee have been approved by Dundee City Council.

The properties are to be the latest phase in a five-part project from developers DJ Laing Homes Limited, which aims to bring more homes to the Whitfield area.

The plans were first submitted in February and were approved by the council this week, The Evening Telegraph reports.

The development includes eight two-bedroom homes, 16 three-bedroom homes and 10 four-bedroom homes. Each home will also have a car garage, as well as a driveway with space for a further vehicle.

The new homes are to be built on Aberlady Crescent, a piece of land connected to Berwick Drive.

Plans to build 61 other properties on the site have already been approved by Dundee City Council, with work beginning last year.

In a planning statement submitted on behalf of the applicant, Arbroath-based Voigt Architects said: “The overall development will be of a high quality complimenting the new housing stock in Dundee and will assist in the continual improvements to the area of Whitfield.”

Karen Nicoll, managing director of DJ Laing, commented: “This is obviously for phase three of our project, we’ve already been on the site for over a year. This gives us continuity of work on the site for our workforce and tradesman, which is great because it gives them a bit of job security, especially with things as they are right now.

“This most recent phase should see us right through to the end of the project.”

The properties have already accumulated a huge amount of interest, with the director adding: “Sales are doing exceptionally well so far.

“They’re obviously proving very popular, we’ve got five different house designs for potential buyers to choose from.”

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