Aberdeenshire matchmaker scheme to help bring empty properties back into use

Aberdeenshire matchmaker scheme to help bring empty properties back into use

A scheme to bring property hunters and owners of empty properties together is now available online.

Aberdeenshire Council’s free Empty Property Matchmaker Scheme allows buyers to view a range of properties listed by owners of empty homes.

Those wishing to sell simply provide details of the type, size, location, approximate price, and condition of their empty property, along with photographs. Eligible properties include those in need of repair or upgrade.

If a potential buyer registers an interest in the property, the council’s empty homes service will put them in touch with the seller. Those looking to buy can view empty homes for sale and complete an online form to register an interest. The service also allows them to outline the type, size and preferred location for any future properties that might become available.

Properties that require repairs or upgrades may be more affordable for some, and buyers may also be eligible for energy efficiency loans and grants, or for reduced VAT for works to a property that has been empty for two years or more.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Communities Committee, Councillor Anne Stirling, said: “With a high demand for accommodation in Aberdeenshire, the empty property matchmaker scheme allows those in a position to buy to access a range of potential homes that are currently lying empty.

“It also provides an opportunity for owners of empty properties who may not have explored selling, or who have found it difficult to sell, to find a potential buyer. We hope the scheme will help bring a number of such properties back into use, as well as extending the opportunities for people to be able to secure a home which best meets their needs.”

Committee vice-chair Cllr Hannah Powell said: “The scheme is free to use for buyers and sellers alike and is designed to be simple to use, with our empty homes team on hand to provide support to both parties.

“I would encourage owners of empty homes who may not yet have considered selling to see if this scheme might enable them to bring a vacant property back into use.”

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