Advertorial: Construction Scotland Innovation Centre BIM E-learning programme

At Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) we have developed a free Building Information Modelling (BIM) e-learning platform with support from Scottish Enterprise and in conjunction with a range of industry partners.

This free to access platform will allow people who can’t get along to our BIM workshops and seminars, due either to time constraints or location issues, to log on and learn at their own pace, in their own time. If questions arise while completing a module, users can either join our LinkedIn discussion forum and ask an expert or consult our e-learning resources section of useful information and content.

We currently host three learning modules on our platform with a further three to be released in the coming months. Each module explores Building Information Modelling from a different perspective with the aim to cover as much of the information required to effectively engage with the process as possible.

Through our current modules: BIM Awareness, BIM 4 Business Leaders, BIM 4 Design Teams and BIM Client Requirements we have covered an extensive range of information with more modules to be developed that will provide a valuable and free resource to the construction industry.

At CSIC we are keen for construction to transform and improve, making better use of digitisation and automation to drive greater profitability, productivity, efficiency and sustainability. BIM is a key part of that transformation, supporting buildings that are greener, more efficient and more intelligently designed. With a greater awareness of BIM and a higher number of tenders specifying BIM, it is increasing in importance.

Since we began running BIM events, over 400 businesses have benefited from the support available through our workshops and a further 200 professionals have joined our online BIM discussion forum. We hope that the e-learning option will allow even more participants to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

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