Berwickshire Housing Association helps pupils with SoupTastic challenge

Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA) has been helping pupils at Eyemouth Primary School take part in a ‘souperb’ challenge.

Berwickshire Housing Association helps pupils with SoupTastic challenge

Eyemouth Primary School pupils making their soups

Over two special ‘SoupTastic Days’ the whole school took part in the event which was sponsored by BHA.

During both days there were live demonstrations of how to prepare and cook a tasty, nutritious soup using locally sourced ingredients.

There were 16 demonstrations per day so all in all 32 different soups were made with each child getting to taste at least the one they helped to prepare and in most cases, they were able to sample another two or three.

The pupils watched live demonstrations and had the opportunity to get involved by being shown how to chop, grate and prepare the soup on interactive tables following the theme of ‘Affordable, Accessible and Available’.

Each pupil received a goodie bag containing basic ingredients and a recipe for a soup they can make at home.

Vegetables for the soups and some freshly baked bread were kindly provided by local businesses.

Fiona White of the Splash Project said: “It was a non-stop event which went extremely well and it was fantastic to see so many organisations and businesses working together to provide the children of Eyemouth Primary School with such a fantastic range of healthy and very tasty soups. The help from the young volunteers was excellent and we could not have managed without them.

“It was great to see so many of the pupils trying soup they would not have tasted at home, as testified by the many parents who also came along - this was a really well supported parent event.”

The leftover veg went into the community fridge based at Eyemouth Community Centre for people to help themselves to, so there was zero food waste from the event.

The school is now preparing a recipe book containing all the soups that were made over the two days and this will be compiled by the pupils themselves.

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