Cordale Housing Association confirms second consecutive rent freeze

Cordale Housing AssociationCordale Housing Association has confirmed that it is freezing rent rates for a second consecutive financial year.

The Cordale management committee met last week to consider the Cordale Business Plan and budget for 2016/17 and confirmed that in the new financial year there will be no increase in rent.

The Association last increased rents for Cordale tenants in October 2014.

Margaret McCallion, chairperson of Cordale management committee, said: “We are very pleased to freeze tenants rent in the financial year 2016/17. As a housing association that exists to meets the needs of our community, we recognise that our tenants expect and deserve the highest level of service. Our aim is to deliver affordable and customer focussed services. Accordingly, we want to limit and control rent increases whilst investing more resources improving homes and creating a strong community.

“Although rents will not increase during the next financial year, we still plan to carry out significant major repair, cyclical and environmental improvement programmes. Meanwhile, we will also be implementing a new staffing structure in April 2016 that will increase the number of front-line staff, so we are positioned going forward to improve the services provided to tenants and achieve greater results.

“It’s great Cordale are in a position to deliver a rent freeze and invest more in homes, people and our community. It’s reflective of how far we have progressed in recent years and our improved financial health. We are well placed to deliver excellent outcomes for our tenants and ensure Cordale will continue to make a difference in the years ahead.”

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