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Kevin Scarlett

Interest is growing across Scotland in the new sector scorecard pilot, with several new housing associations indicating that they will submit data in 2018.

At the latest meeting of the Haymarket Group, members were also advised that in addition to 84% of all housing associations in England, a number of housing associations in Wales and Northern Ireland have now begun to participate in the sector scorecard initiative.

Chair of the group Kevin Scarlett, who is CEO of River Clyde Homes, said: “What is good about the scorecard is that it is by the sector, for the sector. It is great that housing associations across the UK are wanting to benchmark key financial and business health metrics and share this information with their Boards and tenants. The scorecard has the potential to be an important feature of evidencing good governance and leadership.”

The sector scorecard initiative provides participating housing associations with data on their efficiency, value for money and performance which they can use to demonstrate financial sustainability to lenders, governing Boards, tenants and the communities in which they operate. Participation remains free of charge and data collection will be facilitated by HouseMark Scotland.

Group member Helen Forsyth, CEO of Berwickshire Housing Association, added: “For BHA the scorecard is allowing us to compare ourselves with other housing associations and clarify what that tells us. We can explain any differences and it is helping us on our journey striving to be better at what we do.”

The Haymarket Group also agreed to develop an additional rent affordability metric, preferably for inclusion in the 2018 sector scorecard. The various approaches to rent setting and measurement of affordability evident across the social housing sector will be explored by the Group over the coming months to help identify a preferred metric.

Haymarket Group members, including Helen and Kevin, will be at the CIHS Festival Fringe to share their insights and encourage others to get involved on February 27 in Edinburgh. If you’d like to find out more then come along and meet them.

If you’d like to take part in the sector scorecard initiative during 2018 please email

The Haymarket Group consists of 24 members:

Berwickshire Housing Association, Cairn Housing Association, Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership, Eildon Housing Association, Glasgow West Housing Association, Glen Oaks Housing Association, Grampian Housing Association, Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association, Hillcrest Housing Association, Home Scotland, Loreburn Housing Association, Maryhill Housing Association, Ore Valley Housing Association, Osprey Housing Aberdeenshire, Osprey Housing Moray, Paisley Housing Association, Port of Leith, Prospect Community Housing, Queens Cross Housing Association, River Clyde Homes, Rosehill Housing Co-operative, Scottish Borders Housing Association, Trust Housing Association, Waverley Housing.

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