Glasgow City Council grant for Hawthorn Housing Co-operative

Hawthorn estate caretakersHawthorn Housing Co-operative is to develop its successful estate caretaking service following a grant of £25,000 from Glasgow City Council’s co-operative development unit.

The Co-op will use the grant to purchase a shipping container to provide a base and storage for the team, a van, a trailer, wed killing and power washing equipment.

The team’s move to the container will then allow the Co-op to install chillers in their current store which will enable them to expand their food project to distribute chilled food supplied by Fareshare.

Helen Graham, chair of the Co-op, said: “We are absolutely delighted with this award. It will allow us to expand and improve the services provided by our hard-working caretaking team. These services are highly valued by our members. It will also allow us to provide better working conditions for the team. We would like to thank the Co-operative Development Unit for all their support over the years.”

Eddie Percy of the council’s development and regeneration services added: “The key aim of the council’s Co-operative Business Development Grant is to provide Co-operatives across Glasgow with an opportunity to undertake transformational business development activities. Hawthorn Housing Co-operative’s ambitious plan to transform its estate caretaking service will deliver a wide range of benefits for the Hawthorn community, Hawthorn Housing Co-operative and very importantly, significantly enhance the working environment and capacity of its dedicated estate caretaking team.”

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