Glasgow landlord refused licence over fire alarm safety checks

Glasgow landlord refused licence over fire alarm safety checks

A landlord who failed to carry out fire alarm safety checks has been refused a licence by Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee.

Meenakshi Sood, who had bid to renew his HMO licence for a Woodlands Road property, was told he was putting tenants “at risk” and urged to employ a company to manage the flat.

Councillor Alex Wilson, who chairs the licensing committee, said: “Lives are getting put at risk, you need to be a lot more serious about this.”

Mr Sood, who has been renting the flat to four people, blamed “ill health” for the delays.

“I shall get someone if I can’t do it properly,” the landlord added.

A spokesman for Scottish Fire and Rescue told the committee that a fire risk assessment had only been submitted “very, very recently” and “no annual certification for maintenance of the alarm” had been provided.

“The last time it was due for renewal, we had the same issues trying to get that documentation,” he said, which raises concerns over “the general management and attitude” of the landlord.

The fire service spokesman added: “We would like to see a demonstration that you are going to improve your management and engage with us going forward.

“Ultimately we still need to see the fire alarm certification and it needs to be done annually.”

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