Glasgow woman donates handmade face masks to ‘Angels of the North’

A Glasgow woman has donated handmade face masks to a group of volunteers known as the Angels of the North.

Glasgow woman donates handmade face masks to 'Angels of the North'

Margaret Fraser, head of regeneration at ng homes, collecting face masks from Briege Ward Foley

Working alongside ng homes, these ‘angels’ have been providing food parcels, preparing and delivering hot meals, helping uplift prescriptions and a whole lot more.

When Briege Ward Foley heard about this she wanted to help and got in touch with Margaret Fraser, head of regeneration at ng homes, to say that she was making homemade masks and would like to donate some to the volunteers.

Margaret Fraser said: “When I heard about what Briege was doing I was really impressed and agreed to uplift them - keeping our social distancing of course. Briege had over 70 bright and colourful masks ready for us and the next day we started to hand these out to the volunteers.

“The fact that they are so sturdy, with an inner layer, and can be washed and re-used was definitely a benefit. They fit so well and look good too – so our heartfelt thanks to Briege for helping out.”

Briege Ward Foley lives in Cadder but is currently shielding at her mum’s house in the Southside of Glasgow. Briege was motivated to make face masks due to the shortage of them, along with the fact that the NHS needed masks as a priority, without the public draining resources. So Briege started on her mission of making these for some family and friends.

Glasgow woman donates handmade face masks to 'Angels of the North'

ng homes staff and volunteers at Springburn Parish Church wearing masks as they make up food parcels 

At a routine hospital appointment, Briege proudly wore one of her masks which was on the second day of lockdown. Interest grew from that point and she made masks for some members of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association which she supports. When she heard about the work in North Glasgow she ordered more material, backing and elastic and then set to work.

Briege said: “I wanted to make them kind of ‘funky’ so they are not frightening for children and a bit fun to wear. The fabric I have chosen includes a haribo pattern, unicorns, paisley pattern, and spots. They are really fun to make and I hope that people enjoy wearing them as much as I have enjoyed making them. I’m happy to continue and at least do my bit to help.”

So far the masks have been given out to volunteers at Springburn Parish Church and members of the baby food bank. Others were passed out to volunteers at Possobilities, The Arc steering group and Love Milton who were absolutely delighted - and they continue to be popular.

Bailie Jaqueline McLaren was on hand at Possobilities in Possilpark when the masks were being handed out and was so impressed with them she asked if some could be distributed to volunteers in Milton area. She said: “When Margaret showed me the really cool masks I knew the local volunteers from Milton would absolutely love them. Very quickly they wanted a team photo to highlight their thanks and appreciation to Briege for making these brilliant creations. I also have a Unicorn one which I love. Thank you Briege for thinking of others during this crisis.”

Local MP, Anne McLaughlin, was dropping donations off at Springburn Parish Church when the staff and volunteers received their masks and added: “The masks are fantastic, they look great and I think people will feel less self-conscious about wearing Briege’s designs. Anything that encourages folk to wear them when they are in shops or on public transport is really helpful. What a great use of time stuck indoors.”

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