ng homes staff on hand for residents as Red Road flats demolished

ng homes red roadTenants and residents who were evacuated from their homes when the Red Road flats were demolished recently were able to call on ng homes housing operations staff who were on duty from 7am until after 8pm on the big day.

Staff worked closely with Safedem and Glasgow Housing Association offering assistance to all ng homes customers within the exclusion zone and helping with any last-minute preparations before they had to leave their homes for the day.

Prior to the demolition ng homes staff had been involved in planning meetings for the big day and neighbourhood manager for Springburn and Balornock, Irene Dalrymple, said: “With so many of our customers’ homes within the exclusion zone and tenants and residents having to be out of their homes on demolition day we wanted to be there to help in any way we could.”

As soon as everyone was out of their homes contractors started to board up windows and doors of those homes closest to the blocks just after eight in the morning.

Those inconvenienced could go to a local community centre that provided catering and entertainment or if people chose to make their own arrangements they were given up to £100 per household to assist with expenses.

Residents began moving back into their homes shortly after 6pm, just over an hour later than originally planned. After the demolition Glasgow Housing Association, Safedem and ng homes staff were on hand to make sure everyone was back home safely.

The Red Road flats were built between 1964 and 1969 at a cost estimated to be £6 million.

The planned schedule remains for the site to be cleared by 2017. Future development options for the cleared site are at an early stage and will include further community consultation.


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