Homeless Action Scotland launches questionnaire on working during COVID-19

Homeless Action Scotland has launched a questionnaire to find out how people who work in the housing or homelessness sector feel about COVID-19.

There is statutory guidance which dictates how organisations and staff should conduct their duties while trying to mitigate their exposure to contracting COVID-19. 

An anonymised analysis of the questionnaire will be reported back to those who took part and a report sent to the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and anyone else who takes an interest. 

There is a potential should there be enough interest that we will arrange a working group of front line staff to have a discussion about how they feel things have been for them during this pandemic.

Please be assured this isn’t in order to single out organisations to “name and shame”, rather it’s a learning method by which we can gain some insight from front line staff to ensure that they feel they are being listened to by their organisations, local authorities and senior management. 

If you think that this is of interest to you or your organisation then please share this survey with your staff teams. 

The link to the survey is here.

Should you have any questions regarding the survey please contact garry@homelessactionscotland.org.uk

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