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Investment in social housing targets poverty, homelessness, net-zero and education and employment, argues Homeless Action Scotland (HAS) CEO Gavin Yates. The Scottish Government’s Resource Spending Review has been well picked over. Launched on June 1, it attempted to square the circle of keepi

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Garry Burns from Homeless Action Scotland argues that nobody who is in employment should be over-charged for homeless accommodation. As part of our work in the Scottish Parliamentary election earlier this year we called for the Scottish Government to carry out a number of actions. One of these actio

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Garry Burns from Homeless Action Scotland calls on the Scottish Government to extend the eviction ban until they can convene a short life action group on eviction protocols while we exit the COVID pandemic and return to normality. Homeless Action Scotland note that the most recent quarterly report f

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Having previously outlined the policy proposals Homeless Action Scotland believes should be adopted by the next Scottish Parliament, communications and engagement manager Garry Burns tackles each of those in detail, beginning with the introduction of a new homelessness and housing minister.

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Following the tragic news that a young man died of a drug overdose days after leaving his rehabilitation placement, Homeless Action Scotland communications and engagement manager Garry Burns offers a practical housing solution to help prevent similar deaths from happening in the futur

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In the wake of a further extension to the ban on evictions, Homeless Action Scotland CEO Gavin Yates argues that increased government support for those with a genuine reason for an inability to pay rent should be embedded in law. Everyone at Homeless Action is delighted to see the eviction ban

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Homeless Action Scotland has launched a questionnaire to find out how people who work in the housing or homelessness sector feel about COVID-19. There is statutory guidance which dictates how organisations and staff should conduct their duties while trying to mitigate their exposure to contracting C

1-15 of 38 Articles