HouseMark’s Global Accounts Analysis Tool sees full dataset upload for Scotland and England

HouseMark has updated its online, interactive UK global accounts analysis tool, allowing members to examine and compare financial performance data with peers across Scotland, England and Wales.

The Global Accounts Analysis Tool now contains full datasets from the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Audited Financial Statements and English Global Accounts as well as over 13 Welsh organisations.

This upload now allows easy comparison of financial performance with registered providers across the UK. The tool has been tailor-made for HouseMark members to allow for quick and easy peer group selection, allowing fast and accurate interrogation of financial performance. Members can select how and who they want to compare with across over 40 key financial ratios, including operating margin, gearing and social housing cost per unit.

In addition, a Value for Money (VFM) ‘front screen’ allows members to see and compare performance across a range of VFM metrics (based on those set out by the Homes and Communities Agency last year).

Complementing HouseMark’s wide-range of data analytics, Russell Young, HouseMark Scotland’s data services manager, said the tool provides a high-level strategic overview of financial performance.

He added: “This latest addition to our business intelligence solutions gives HouseMark members even more ability to understand their costs and performance. At the click of a button members can change peer group, interrogate data and better understand their performance.”

HouseMark members can access the tool now, at no additional cost, by simply visiting the HouseMark website here.

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