Linthouse ‘live’ quarterly surveys win TPAS approval

Linthouse 'live' quarterly surveys win TPAS approval

Linthouse Housing Association is celebrating after being voted winner of the coveted TPAS award for Involving Customers in Services 2015.

Linthouse was nominated for the award due to the commitment they demonstrated when carrying out a comprehensive review on how they conducted their tenant satisfaction surveys.

When conducting these surveys there are certain standards Landlords must attain in order to meet the requirements prescribed by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).

The Association was not convinced that the accepted practice of conducting a tenant survey every three years was the best way to obtain quality feedback. Consequently the Association chose a method of speaking to a specific number of tenants on a quarterly basis to receive ‘live’ feedback over the three-year period.

This ensures that every tenant has the opportunity to express their opinion on the Association’s services, while the Association benefits from receiving productive, regular and relevant information.

They then devised a system whereby they conduct the surveys on a smaller sample frame to ensure that the project remained value for money whilst also including all tenants as part of the sample base over the 3 year period.

Linthouse stated that “the social benefits of listening to customers and involving them on an ongoing continual basis, is paramount to our organisation and can deliver a wealth of advantages”.

A local resident of Linthouse Housing Association, Mr Peter McCarthy was also voted runner-up in the Tenant of the Year category for 2015.

Linthouse Housing Association are elated that Peter’s contribution to their local community has been recognised at national level.

Peter was nominated by Linthouse HA in recognition of the tireless effort he expends in trying to improve services provided within the local community.

Peter is currently the Chairperson of Linthouse HA Residents’ Panel and leads a group of local residents in their scrutiny of Association Performance.

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