Over 200 empty homes restored in Stirling

Stirling CouncilOver 200 empty homes across the Stirling Council area have been brought back into use since April 2013, equating to a massive £2.6 million generated in the region.

On average, every empty home that becomes populated brings about £13,000 from workers contributing to tax revenue and increasing the total amount spent within the economy.

An empty home is classed as a privately owned property that has been unoccupied for six months or more.

Long term empty homes represent a wasted resource, and can cause a number of problems. They can attract crime and anti-social behaviour, reduce the value of surrounding properties and can be an eyesore in their neighbourhoods.

Convenor of the environment and housing committee, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “Reducing the number of empty homes not only improves the local environment by bringing an eyesore into use, but has also provided 200 families with a home they might not have had. There is of course the added advantage of an increase in Council Tax revenue. Overall this is a success story which has proven benefits.”

According to the council, owning an empty home normally costs the property owner around £7,000 per year. These costs include council tax payments, lost potential rental income, insurance, and general maintenance.

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