Pentland and Cairn resume partnership talks

Pentland Housing Association has resumed talks with Cairn Housing Association about a potential transfer of its homes and services to Cairn.

Pentland and Cairn resume partnership talks

Talks on the proposed partnership were paused at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic but both organisations are now keen to return to discussions about how best to serve future housing needs in Caithness.

Detailed proposals will be put to tenants ahead of a ballot next year.

Jim Hair, chair of the Pentland Housing Association board, said: “I believe the proposed transfer would combine the strengths of Pentland and Cairn into one organisation. This move would bring considerable benefits to our tenants including an affordable rent guarantee, guaranteed investment in homes, and continued local services from an office in Thurso. It’s vitally important now that tenants get involved, so that they can influence the detail of the proposal that will come to them in a formal ballot next year.”

Don Jamieson, chair of the Cairn Housing Association board, said: “It has been great to return to very positive discussions with our colleagues at Pentland Housing Association. There is a collective will to focus on the needs of tenants, and a big emphasis on involving them at every stage. We hope to hear now from tenants about their priorities for their homes and how services will be provided in the future.”

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) has been appointed by Pentland as their independent tenant advisors. TPAS is opening up a variety of ways for Pentland tenants to get in touch and share their views and priorities for the partnership.

Lesley Baird, chief executive of TPAS, added: “We are encouraging all tenants to share their views on the future of their homes and services. Tenants need to be key partners in this process, we will be using a variety of ways to meet and speak to tenants to ensure their voices are heard.

“We are not able to meet face to face at the moment but we’ll be making good use of technology to ensure tenants voices are heard. Our first online pop in sessions will be on 8th December and there will be more opportunities to get participate in the months ahead.”

Tenants are asked to call Lesley Baird on 0800 049 5761 or visit Pentland Housing Association’s website for more information.

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