Public opinion on energy and smart meters outlined in large independent study

Almost 9 in 10 people with smart meters in Scotland say they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy, according to the largest independent study of public opinion on energy and smart meters.

The nationwide survey into the opinions of almost 10,000 people in Great Britain, carried out by Populus, was published by Smart Energy GB in the latest edition of Smart energy outlook.

The survey also found that:

  • Awareness of smart meters has never been higher, with 98% of people in Scotland claiming they are aware of the new meters
  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of Scots who have already had smart meters installed in their home claim they are more conscious of their energy use
  • Eight in ten (81%) of people with smart meters in Scotland say they have taken at least one step to use less energy
  • Half (50%) of Scots who don’t yet have a smart meter want to get one within the next six months
  • Government figures show there are now more than 12 million smart meters installed across Great Britain. Smart energy outlook found that seven in ten people who have a smart meter would recommend them to family and friends. That’s equivalent to 7.2 million people who would recommend a smart meter.

    Elspeth, a local councillor from Glasgow, uses smart prepay for her gas and electricity. Since having a smart meter, Elspeth is saving around £20 a month on her energy bills.

    Elspeth said: “Before we got our smart meter installed I would have to get down on my hands and knees to read the meter or to top the meter up – this was particularly difficult as I suffer from a frozen shoulder.

    “Now that we have a smart meter I can easily see how much energy we’re using in pounds and pence on the in-home-display, which sits next to the sofa. I can also top up the credit online, so we never have to access the actual meters anymore. The display has been particularly useful in encouraging my daughters to be more conscious of the energy we use.”

    The research comes as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) launches the first ever Green GB week. The week aims to highlight the opportunities clean growth offers the UK and to promote how we can all do our bit to tackle climate change – such as by getting a smart meter to help reduce energy waste at home.

    Sacha Deshmukh, chief executive of Smart Energy GB, said: “It’s great to see so many older people throughout Great Britain getting a smart meter installed in their home, and harnessing the ability to be cleaner and greener with their energy use.

    “This report makes clear that people with smart meters have a much better understanding of their energy consumption and would happily recommend them to their family and friends.

    “Smart meters are revolutionising the way we engage with our energy and are a vital upgrade to our outdated infrastructure. Every person who opts for a smart meter is helping Britain towards its smarter future.”

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