Scotland’s four main debt charities unite to offer support in ‘perfect storm’ crisis

Scotland’s four main debt charities unite to offer support in ‘perfect storm’ crisis

Scotland’s four biggest debt advice charities are urging people across the country to seek free advice on money and debt.

The call comes during Talk Money Week (8-12 November).

Christians Against Poverty, Citizens Advice Scotland, Money Advice Scotland and Stepchange have united in response to the unprecedented financial challenges that are set to hit many families over the coming months.

Each of the charities offer free advice to anyone who is struggling with debt, who may be in problem debt, or who is generally worried about their finances.

In a statement on behalf of all four charities, Myles Fitt, Citizens Advice Scotland’s financial health spokesperson, said: “This winter is set to be really challenging for so many families across Scotland. The combination of rising energy bills, the impact on incomes from the end of furlough and the £20 weekly reduction in Universal Credit has created a perfect financial storm for the thousands of households who were already experiencing money problems or who were just managing to get by.

“Together our four charities want to use this week as an opportunity to remind people that they are not alone and that support is available. All they have to do is contact any one of us.

“Debt is a horrible situation to be in. It can have significant impacts on your mental health and relationships as well as your finances. We understand that it can be hard to seek help, and recognise there can be shame and stigma attached, but we also know there are many advantages to asking for advice sooner.”

He added: “So if you contact any one of us, we will offer you expert advice, which is non-judgemental, sympathetic, confidential, independent and effective. We can talk to your creditors to give you more time, to reduce repayments or even write off some of your debt. We also provide help on ways to boost your income, make savings and cut the costs of daily living.

“Our advice is completely free and our message to people is you should never have to pay to receive debt advice. Charities like ours are here to help with debt or money worries and will never charge you for that help.

“So, if you have financial concerns, contacting one of our charities is the first step in alleviating debt and money worries. Talk to us. We stand ready to help.”

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