Scotland’s homeowners’ biggest problems revealed as lack of storage and cold rooms

Scottish homeowner problemsA lack of storage and difficulty keeping rooms warm are their biggest household concerns facing Scottish homeowners, according to a new survey.

Research conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust shows Scotland is a nation of home improvers with 65 per cent of us having carried out general or major improvements in the last three years.

When moving, 63 per cent of people prioritise greater warmth as a feature to look for in a new home – but only 37 per cent of movers in the UK consider the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the home they intend to buy to be important.

The Energy Saving Trust is now urging people to take advantage of interest free loans of up to £15,000 per property, funded by the Scottish Government, which can help with energy efficiency upgrades including wall insulation, installing new boilers and double glazing to tackle homeowners’ second biggest bugbear.

Mike Thornton, director of Energy Saving Trust Scotland, said: “The research shows that we’re proud of our homes in Scotland, as most of us have made improvements in the last few years.

“Many homeowners are making their living spaces bigger, meaning more or larger rooms to heat, whilst at the same time complaining of cold draughts and areas in their home that are hard to keep warm.

“We need to look at the benefits of installing energy efficiency upgrades, like insulation or a new boiler, to lessen our fuel bills and rid ourselves of being cold.”

Across the past three years:

  • More than one in 10 (14 per cent) of homeowners have completed an extension or loft conversion
  • More than a third (34 per cent) have installed a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) have revamped old wiring and plumbing
  • Three quarters (75 per cent) have decorated one or more rooms
  • Mike added: “We know many homeowners make improvements when they move home or when they add an extension, do a loft conversion or install a new kitchen, especially if they are growing a family or have just secured a better paid job.

    “Our advice is to think about making energy efficiency upgrades at the same time and get any disruption over with in one go. Most people make home improvements in the summer months – so get energy efficiency upgrades done now and you’ll be ready for winter.

    “Our research also tells us that 87 per cent of Scotland’s homeowners who have done a home improvement of some kind have also made energy efficiency upgrades, like low energy lighting. The interest free loan helps homeowners do bigger things that give even greater benefit – such as insulation, a new boiler and double-glazing.”

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