Scottish Housing Regulator underlines importance of RSL governance self-assessment

Simon Little
Simon Little

Regular governance self-assessment is an important tool to help RSLs maintain strong governance, the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has said.

SHR Board member Simon Little was speaking at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations’ annual Chairs’ Conference.

Simon noted the many challenges - including developing new homes and responding to welfare reform changes - facing RSLs. He highlighted the importance of strong governance to help manage these challenges.

Simon said: “A well-governed social landlord is one which is well-run and focused on delivering good quality and good value services to its tenants. But good governance doesn’t happen automatically. It has to be actively worked at. Carrying out regular and robust self-assessments gives assurance about the running of the organisation and helps identify any issues for improvement.”

The Regulator has taken statutory action in four RSLs since 2012. Poor governance was at the root of the problems in each case.

Simon reminded delegates of their crucial role, as chairs and leaders of their organisations, in ensuring governance is as strong as it can be.

SHR is currently examining governance self-assessment practice in the sector to support good governance. It will publish a report of its findings, which will include recommendations and examples of positive practice.

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