Social Housing Resilience Group discusses PPE and Regulator returns

The Social Housing Resilience Group (SHRG) is arranging access to a new national personal protective equipment (PPE) procurement option for housing associations. 

Social Housing Resilience Group discusses PPE and Regulator returns

The SHRG said concerns have been raised regarding the procurement and distribution of PPE in terms of rising prices and promised orders being diverted to other customers.

As the first COVID-19 returns to the Scottish Housing Regulator are coming in, the SHRG said the Regulator should be in a position to report to the group towards the middle of May. The Regulator is also in discussion with the Scottish Government over potential data collection on vulnerable people.

Convened by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the SHRG aims to deal with the significant challenges the outbreak is causing so that social landlords can continue to provide the support their tenants and communities need.  

The SFHA shared feedback from associations of their tenants’ experiences with energy suppliers, with the main issues being legacy payment meters and with specific suppliers. 

The organisation has written to the secretary of state for work and pensions to seek clarification on the suspension of third-party deductions and to urge that priority is given to rolling out the aligned payment system. 

John Farr of UK Finance joined an SHRG meeting to discuss flexibilities which may be required of lenders. 

Testing and tracing is a key focus for Public Health Scotland. Clarification is being sought on access to testing for key workers in housing associations. 

Work is underway to review future plans and priorities for EEESH and the installation of smoke detectors in light of current restrictions. 

The Scottish Government has published a document providing further information on how Scotland may move out of current restrictions in the COVID-19 Framework for Decision Making.

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