Thenue Housing introduces ‘starter packs’ for new tenancies

Willie Sinclair with some of the contents of a starter pack
Willie Sinclair with some of the contents of a starter pack

Tenants taking on their first tenancy with Thenue Housing are to be given a helping hand.

The Association has announced it is introducing “starter packs” to be handed to new tenants when they are given a tenancy.

The starter packs, consisting of a range of household goods, will be targeted at people taking on a first tenancy and who are coming from a homeless situation with little or no belongings.

They are seen as the ideal boost for someone needing household items ranging from kitchenware to bedding right away.

The decision to introduce the starter packs came about after the Association underspent on money from the “Move & Connect Project” funded by a Big Lottery Scotland grant

Thenue went back to Big Lottery Scotland to ask permission to use the money for starter packs and the organisation gave the idea the thumbs up.

The starter packs include things like duvets and pillows, a dinner set and other essential kitchen utensils right down to things like a can opener.

Some housing providers offer starter packs to people who meet certain criteria when moving into their first home but funds don’t always stretch to such initiatives.

Willie Sinclair, financial inclusion co-ordinator at Thenue, said: “This is an important step forward in providing a helping hand to people who are eligible for these starter packs.

“Purchasing bedding and kitchen items can be a significant expense and a starter pack helps alleviate that by providing essential items needed in the home.

“We are delighted that we are able to do this and particularly grateful to Big Lottery Scotland for their willingness to allow us to channel unused funds into this important development. The starter packs will make a big difference.”

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