Thenue Housing launches major volunteering initiative

Margaret Anne Gachagan
Margaret Anne Gachagan

A major drive to get people to volunteer their skills and time to help others has been launched by Thenue Housing.

The admirable initiative was the subject of a high profile launch by the housing association which says it wants to tap into the willingness of people to share their skills and abilities.

Now the biggest-ever drive by Thenue to get people volunteering is under way and many are signing up for a variety of opportunities.

This week the Association revealed it had now signed up 15 people in just a month and encouraged others to join the effort.

The Association has even appointed Margaret Anne Gachagan as its first ever volunteering co-ordinator to lead the initiative.

Margaret Anne explained: “Volunteering is a two way thing as volunteers contribute to the community and this enables them to gain experience and skills whilst the community has more opportunity to participate in events. There are a number of benefits. It means people are giving something back, enhancing their skills and making them more appealing to employers. People know that they are valued and have sense of purpose and belonging.

“We have been overwhelmed by the willingness of people in communities where we have a presence to sign up to this initiative. Working with other organisations we will be matching people and what they want to do in terms of volunteering with what is needing done. We anticipate it will be a great long-term success.”

Charlie Turner, Thenue’s chief executive, added: “Volunteering is something which underpins the success and proud history of the housing association movement. Without volunteers sitting on Boards or Management Committees there would be no housing associations.

“It is this kind of dedication we are endeavouring to replicate in other walks of life by tapping into the skills and enthusiasm of people in communities across Glasgow where we have our homes. We know from the initial response to our volunteering initiative that this is something which has caught the public mood and that people want to do their bit.”

Training is provided and where possible people are matched with a role that best suits their abilities and enthusiasm. An early success has involved volunteers being trained as energy advisors to help people save money on fuel bills.

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