Tigh Grian welcomes affordable housing subsidy increase

Tigh GrianDeveloper and champion of energy efficient volumetric housing Tigh Grian has welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement to increase subsidy levels for new-supply affordable housing.

As the Tigh Grian house achieves Scottish Building Regulations Gold Standard for energy efficiency, the company was particularly pleased to see the Higher Greener subsidy range increased to as much as £84,000.

Gordon Campbell, director, Tigh Grian, said: “We are very pleased the government has accepted the Working Group recommendations relating to subsidy levels in full. We are absolutely committed to assisting Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities meet the 50,000 new affordable homes target. But it’s not just the number - we want it to happen within the timeframes to the highest possible standard and at all times, ever mindful of the financial models providers operate across all affordable tenure options.”

Tigh Grian is the development arm of the charitable company, JR Partners Ltd., which shares an energy efficiency knowledge pool with the Swiss technology transfer company Üserhuus.

The Tigh Grian volumetric housing units are produced within an ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified system using Scottish Building Standards Gold Level as its design benchmark and in full compliance with Housing for Varying Needs standards and the RIBA Case for Space standards.

Mr Campbell added: “The entire process is designed with the end user in mind. We share the sector’s determination to eradicate fuel poverty while simultaneously meeting housing need as quickly as possible. Our energy efficient homes will take some of the pressure off the household fund of tenants while there are cost savings in production, time savings in delivery and even life cycle cost advantages. We are delighted that the product - already a neat fit for social landlords - will attract financial support from Government at the highest level in both urban and rural areas.”

Tigh Grian’s demonstration houses are available to visit at BRE Ravenscraig and BRE Watford. The first Tigh Grian development in Scotland, 48 houses for Link and Paragon Housing Associations, is scheduled to go on-site in February 2016.

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