YPeople holds first family mentoring session in Glasgow

Homelessness charity YPeople held its first family mentoring session this month as part of its ‘intandem’ mentoring project.

YPeople holds first family mentoring session in Glasgow

The first session of family mentoring took place at Locked In, Escape Rooms Glasgow, with a boy called Jay and his mother, who said the session allowed her to “finally get time with Jay”.

YPeople have stated that such activities carried out within the family mentoring programme will allow the charity to help families juggle family life and allow them to “support and nurture positive dynamics within the families we work with, and create lasting positive change for them”.

Through the ‘intandem’ project, young people aged 8-14 in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire are supported by the provision of a mentor. The charity has stated that “a positive and supportive adult role-model can make a huge difference to a young person”.

Ypeople have said that they have had many successful mentoring relationships arise from the ‘intandem’ project over the years. They have stated that the success of this drew them to investigate how they could best foster and support these successful relationships within families. Accordingly, this is where their family mentoring sessions come in.

YPeople have stated that family mentoring activities such as the Escape Room has allowed families to have fun and work together to solve problems. Furthermore, they have highlighted the importance of such a programme, as even just one afternoon activity enabled Jay and his mother to create some great family memories.

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