Committee on Climate Change

Committee on Climate Change puts domestic retrofit at forefront of COVID-19 recovery plan

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has urged ministers to seize the opportunity to turn the COVID-19 crisis into a defining moment in the fight against climate change and has put domestic retrofit at the front of its agenda.

Published 26 June 2020

Climate change body urges governments to take immediate steps to ensure a resilient recovery

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change is integral to the UK’s recovery package, according to the Committee on Climate Change.

Published 6 May 2020

Scotland outperforms UK in reducing emissions, report finds

Scotland continues to outperform the rest of the UK in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, but successful strategies for energy and waste mask a lack of progress in other parts of the Scottish economy, a new report has concluded.

Published 24 September 2018