Move On

Homeless charity Move On boosted by Hillcrest’s £25,000 award

A £25,000 award which was raised through a special event by Hillcrest and donated to charity Move On last year has been instrumental in bringing brighter futures to a number of vulnerable and homeless people.

Published 19 June 2019

£1.6m funding boost for homelessness and housing projects

Grants totalling £1.6 million will fund innovative services aimed at tackling homelessness and improving housing, particularly for the most vulnerable.

Published 22 January 2018

‘Homeless people need help long before they end up on the streets’

In an open letter in The Herald, written to coincide with Mediation Awareness Week, a number of Scottish charities have stressed the importance of early intervention in reducing the number of people presenting as homeless and have urged the Scottish Government to take note.

Published 18 October 2017

Grants of £1.65m for projects which help homeless and vulnerable people

Organisations that work with homeless people and give housing support to vulnerable are to benefit from £1.65 million of Scottish Government grant funding.

Published 9 January 2017