Cadder requested to keep Regulator updated on governance improvement plan

The Scottish Housing Regulator has updated its regulation plan for Cadder Housing Association as the landlord works to improve its governance.

The Regulator said it is engaging with Cadder after governance weaknesses were identified in an independent investigation.

In a revised engagement plan for the landlord, the Regulator said Cadder “commissioned further independent support to develop an improvement plan to implement the recommendations of the investigation and to ensure compliance with the regulatory standards of governance and financial management. Cadder is working openly and constructively with us as it takes forward this work.”

The Association’s chairperson, Linda Brown, told Scottish Housing News: “The Association is working with an independent governance consultant to prepare an action to attend to the recommendation in the independent investigation. We are working closely and constructively with the Housing Regulator to demonstrate improvements to our governance arrangements.”

Cadder must now update the Regulator on progress with the development of its improvement plan; provide it with a copy of the improvement plan, and tell the Regulator if there are any material adverse changes to its development plans which might affect its financial position or reputation.

A previous version of this article stated that the independent investigation into Cadder Housing Association mentioned by the Scottish Housing Regulator was carried out by Indigo House Group. It has since been brought to our attention that these investigations are separate and the review carried out by Indigo House Group is not connected to the Regulator’s engagement plan. Scottish Housing News wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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