Scottish Housing Regulator promotes protection for whistleblowers

Christine Macleod
Christine Macleod

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published factsheets on whistleblowing which explain the protection for whistleblowers who report public interest disclosures to the regulator.

The regulator is now a prescribed person under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. This enhances the protection available to whistleblowers who report concerns to the regulator, whether or not they raised their concerns with their employer.

The factsheets explain how to raise concerns, how whistleblowers are protected and how the regulator will respond.

Christine Macleod, director of regulation, said: “We expect all social landlords to have an open and positive approach to whistleblowing; problems can arise in any organisation and the best people to identify them are often the people who work in the organisation.

“Staff or governing body members should always be able to report concerns internally; however, sometimes this is not always possible if they are worried about repercussions. In these circumstances, it is important that whistleblowers know they have a right not to suffer any detriment if they decide to report their concerns to the regulator.”

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