Housing Regulator seeking feedback on new beta website

The Scottish Housing Regulator has launched an early version of a new website and is looking for feedback.

The new site is in a test, or ‘beta’ phase, meaning that it is still work-in-progress.

Iain Muirhead, the Regulator’s director of digital and business support, said: “Our website is the main way people find out about our work. It’s important that tenants and landlords can find the information they need easily.

“We’ve designed the website to be accessible and simple to navigate. As it’s a test version we know it won’t work perfectly yet. And we’ll be adding more material to it over the coming months. We want to hear what people think at this stage, to help us make improvements before we launch it fully.”

The launch comes shortly after the introduction of the new Regulatory Framework. The Framework and suite of related guidance are available on the site.

A short, simple survey on the site can be accessed from the top right corner of any page so that users can provide feedback.

The beta phase will run until early June. The Regulator’s existing website will continue to operate until the full launch of the new site later in the year.

The Regulator’s new site is available at beta.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk.

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