Regulator puts assurance, openness and transparency centre-stage at tenant conference

George Walker

The Scottish Housing Regulator has underlined the central place of assurance, openness and transparency in its regulatory framework consultation proposals.

George Walker, the Scottish Housing Regulator’s chair, was speaking to tenants at TPAS Scotland’s national conference in Aviemore. He took delegates through the key proposals in the regulatory framework consultation.

George highlighted the importance of a strong tenant voice. He explained the proposed annual assurance statement would be about landlords assuring themselves that they are delivering what their tenants need and want, at a price they can afford to pay. To do this properly landlords’ need to hear objective tenant feedback, and involve tenants in assessing their performance and discussing affordability.

He told delegates: “Our emphasis will be on promoting and supporting a culture of assurance, openness and transparency. Supporting responsible landlords to do the right things for their tenants. We will continue to keep tenants right at the heart of all our work.”

George also highlighted to delegates the opportunity to get involved right at the heart of social housing regulation in Scotland. The Regulator is recruiting two new Board members. Scottish Ministers would like one new member to be someone who lives in social housing.

The Regulator’s consultation is open until 14 December. Board recruitment is open until 23 November.

George Walker’s speech is available here.

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