Regulator sets out focus of annual risk assessment

SHR risk assessmentThe Scottish Housing Regulator has published the areas of risk it will focus on in its annual risk assessment.

The Regulator will continue to focus on the risks to good services for tenants of all social landlords. For Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), it will also examine the risks to good governance and financial well-being.

This year it will have a strong focus on how local authorities deliver for people who are homeless or who may become homeless and how RSLs help by providing them with homes.

The Regulator’s one statutory objective is to protect the interests of tenants, homeless people and other service users. The annual risk assessment is the principal way in which the Regulator identifies risk to this objective and plans its regulatory engagement with social landlords.

Helen Shaw, assistant director (finance & risk), said: “Well governed and financially healthy organisations are key to protecting the interests of tenants and ensuring that they get good services and homes. Importantly, good governance is also critical for ensuring a landlord is meeting its legal duties, including those that ensure the safety of its tenants and residents.

“Each year, we review the areas we focus on to make sure they reflect the current risks that are facing landlords. This year, we will continue our focus on good governance and financial health as well as services for people who are homeless or may become homeless.”

The Regulator will publish its regulation plans, local scrutiny plans and a summary of the outcomes of its annual risk assessment at the end of March next year.

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