Regulator signals higher visibility for equalities in new regulatory framework

Anne Jarvie

The Scottish Housing Regulator has signalled its intention to give more visibility to equalities in its new regulatory framework.

Anne Jarvie, the Regulator’s deputy chair, made the announcement while speaking at an event in Glasgow to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PATH (Scotland).

During her speech, Anne congratulated PATH on all its achievements over the last two decades.

Anne spoke to the audience about the Regulator’s review of how it regulates, which will lead to a new regulatory framework next year.

Anne said: “Our new framework will give more emphasis to landlord equalities requirements. We made this commitment in our discussion paper. Equalities was one of the key themes in responses, and we received some very constructive feedback.

“We’re at the listening and thinking stage on equalities. But what I can say with certainty is that we will increase the visibility of our equalities expectations on landlords. Equalities will feature as a specific element of landlord self-assurance.”

The Regulator will consult on formal proposals later this year. It published a discussion paper earlier this year and is having extensive dialogue with stakeholders as it develops its ideas.

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