Bridgewater now fully compliant with tenant and resident safety

Bridgewater now fully compliant with tenant and resident safety

Bridgewater Housing Association (BHA) has successfully met all regulatory requirements for tenant and resident safety, an updated engagement plan published by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has confirmed.

This achievement comes after Bridgewater proactively addressed gas servicing issues identified in May 2023. The Association implemented a comprehensive action plan and self-reported to the SHR.

Since then, Bridgewater’s staff and board have worked diligently to improve safety practices across various areas, including gas, electrical, and fire safety. This ongoing commitment includes regular independent reviews of these areas to ensure continued compliance.

The revised Engagement Plan notes that Bridgewater has committed to actively implementing a rolling independent review of its tenant safety processes, with the audits covering gas, electrical, fire, legionella, asbestos, and lift safety, alongside mould and damp management to continue into late 2024. These reports will be provided to the Regulator as they are concluded.

The SHR commended Bridgewater’s “open and constructive” approach in working with them to address the concerns.

Bridgewater CEO Andy Thomson credits the hard work and collaboration of staff, board members, and contractors for achieving this milestone.

“This is fantastic news for our tenants,” said Andy. “We’re confident that the new policies, processes and collaborative efforts will ensure Bridgewater continues to provide a safe and comfortable living environment.”

While celebrating this achievement, Bridgewater acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement and remain dedicated to embedding best practices and enhancing services for tenants and residents.

John Paterson, Bridgewater Housing Association chair, echoed this sentiment: “This is great news for Bridgewater after a challenging year. I am incredibly grateful to our staff and board for their dedication to achieving this positive outcome for our tenants.”

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