Eildon Group completes 11 new homes at Galashiels development

Eildon Group completes 11 new homes at Galashiels development

Eildon Group has completed the construction of the first 11 new two- and three-bedroom homes at the High Buckholm site in Galashiels called Buckholm Burn Court.

The homes have been handed over to the firm by Buckholm Ltd. These zero-carbon properties have been allocated, with tenants moving into their new homes this week.

Phase 1 of construction involved some complex engineering works to situate the 11 homes in three separate terraces whilst bringing an access road from the A7 up through the site.

There were also extensive retaining features needed to allow the homes to be formed on the three distinct levels.

These new homes are highly insulated, utilising modern heating and hot water technology to make them comfortable and safe to live in as well as being affordable.

The heating is and hot water is provided by an air source heat pump. Each property also has its own private rear garden.

Phase 2 comprises of 69 new 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes as a continuation of this Phase 1 project.

The access road will continue up to the top of the site before moving Westerly across the top of the site. These homes, whilst meeting the high safety standards, also contain a full fire suppression system linked to the smoke alarms. This measure will ensure the homes are even safer for new tenants moving in.

Eildon Group said it hopes to have the first tranche of these new homes available in early 2023.

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