Glasgow to introduce spot checks on HMO landlords

Glasgow to introduce spot checks on HMO landlords

Spot checks and bans on collecting rent are being deployed as part of a Glasgow City Council initiative to crack down on landlords running an HMO without a license.

Scotland’s largest local government body will allow licensing staff to make spot checks on licensed properties in future to ensure they are properly run - whereas properties are currently inspected only when the HMO license goes for renewal.

There are 3,067 HMO licenses in force in Glasgow.

Cllr Chris Kelly, Glasgow’s licensing and regulatory committee chairman (pictured), told the Evening Times: “It’s only right that we take a tougher line on enforcement of licenses for houses of multiple occupancy. Unfortunately there is a small minority of HMO licence holders who flout the rules. That is completely unsatisfactory for residents and neighbours and undermines faith in the overall system.

“So we are making it very clear to license holders who fall short of an acceptable standard that we will intervene against them to the fullest extent possible. We have a range of powers at our disposal that allows the council to inspect licensed premises at any time and force them to undertake essential works.

“Powers are also available which prohibit rent from being collected by a landlord where the property is used as an HMO and they do not have a licence. Failure to comply with enforcement action will ultimately see landlords called before the licensing committee and potentially facing the ultimate sanction of having their licences revoked.

“We want to protect those landlords who uphold housing standards by targeting those who do not.”

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