Governance improved by regulatory standards self-assessment, finds Regulator

Self-assessing against regulatory standards of governance and financial management helps landlords improve their governance, a new report from the Scottish Housing Regulator has found.

All landlords understand the Regulator’s requirement to assess themselves against regulatory standards. The report found that many landlords are equipped to meet the standards, but few regularly and comprehensively assess themselves against them.

The report sets out principles to help landlords self-assess effectively. These include having an approach that is comprehensive, evidence-based, inclusive and regular. It also shares positive practice from a range of RSLs.

self assessmentChristine Macleod, director of governance and performance, said: “This report highlights that effective self-assessment against Regulatory Standards can help to ensure that landlords are well-governed and well-managed. When we intervene in an RSL because it is not meeting regulatory standards we almost always find that it is poorly governed. So actively assessing against the Standards is important for an RSL to know what needs to be improved.”

The Regulator surveyed all RSLs to find out their awareness of the standards, whether they have self-assessed and the outcomes of their assessments.

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