Maryhill Housing embraces healthy working lives initiative

Healthy Working LivesMaryhill Housing has held its first ever ‘Healthy Working Lives’ event to learn about the benefits of a healthier workforce.

Organised by the Association’s Human Resources department, the aim is to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Now the Association is striving for its bronze accreditation from the NHS-led scheme.

The Healthy Working Lives Greater Glasgow and Clyde team exists to help employers create a safer, healthier and more motivated workforce.

It says that a healthier workforce really does make a difference when it comes to staff retention, attendance and productivity.

It points out that looking after staff can result in improvements in health, morale and a reduction in accidents and sickness absence.

The Maryhill event focused on healthy eating, highlighted the dangers of sugary drinks and fatty snacks and offered people the chance to take more exercise including joining the Association’s own football team

Delicious free smoothies were handed out – produced by pedal power on a “smoothie-producing” bike. The faster people pedaled, the quicker the smoothies were produced.

The Association has now created a working group of staff who can drive forward the healthy agenda.

Marie Murphy from Maryhill’s Human Resources team said: “It was a fun event with a serious message about healthy living. And we were delighted with the number of staff who came along to learn more.

“We received great help in putting it all together from Healthy Working Lives Greater Glasgow and Clyde. They firmly believe there are very strong arguments for using the workplace for learning more about health and wellbeing.

“We spend much of our lives at work and the benefits of addressing health issues are very great indeed.”

Healthy Working Lives Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “It’s simple. Work related ill health is not good for the individual, their family, their employer, the NHS or the local community.

“As part of the NHS, we not only help and support people when they become ill but we also prevent and reduce the risk of employees becoming ill in the first instance.

“Our team firmly believe that actively promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace, is an extremely positive business initiative which is both rewarding for individuals and the organisational culture and reputation.”

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