Parkhead ‘taking effective action’ to address weaknesses identified in review

Parkhead Housing Association is to commission a full and independent investigation after a previous review highlighted a range of breaches in a number of its policies.

In April this tear, Parkhead commissioned an independent investigation to undertake a review of the process of recruitment and appointment of staff members, and payments and benefits issues.

The investigation outcome report in July highlighted a range of breaches in Parkhead’s policies on recruitment; financial regulations and procedures; entitlements, payments and benefits; and staff expenses. The investigation further found that these breaches resulted in non-compliance with a number of the regulatory standards of governance and financial management.

The Scottish Housing Regulator, which has been engaging with Parkhead about its governance and financial management, said the Association has “engaged openly and constructively” with it to address the issues.

In an updated engagement plan for Parkhead, the Regulator said: “The governing body has accepted all of the investigation findings, is working proactively and taking effective action to address the weaknesses. In addition, Parkhead has decided to commission a full and independent review against the regulatory standards. It has further decided to commission other independent support to implement the recommendations of the investigation.

“Parkhead will also appoint a new senior officer following the retirement of the previous post holder.”

Parkhead has been instructed to share with the Regulator the remits for the appointment of independent support to review compliance with regulatory standards, and to implement the recommendations of the investigation. It must also provide regular progress updates on the review and the implementation of the recommendations once this work has started and provide updates on its progress with the recruitment of its CEO.

Aileen Mcguire interim CEO told Scottish Housing News: “The board of Parkhead HA had instructed a rigorous review by an external consultant which had identified a number of weaknesses in some areas of our policy and governance. The board is determined to address the weaknesses that have been identified and to continue the process of internal review.

“The board has liaised closely with the Scottish Housing Regulator during the period leading up to the recent publication of the updated engagement plan and will continue to do so as the improvement and development of Parkhead’s governance arrangements goes forward.”

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