Pilot scheme to keep Maryhill clean and tidy

Frank (left) and Gary out and about
Frank (left) and Gary out and about

Maryhill Housing Association has launched a new initiative to keep the community it serves looking good.

In a first for the housing association it has sent two members of staff out into the community to undertake a range of estate management and ground maintenance duties.

Frank Murray and Gary Hughes have temporarily switched roles from being housing concierge staff to tackle a number of issues which have been flagged up by local people. Both volunteered for the roles.

The move has already gone down well with local residents who are noticing a difference in the appearance of local streets with tasks being tackled including grass cutting, litter-picking, painting, maintaining shrub and flower beds and weeding.

Gary said: “It is working well. People are noticing improvements. Even small things like tidying up grassy areas and picking up litter are making a difference.”

The current pilot project – lasting 16 weeks – may be extended if it proves, as expected, to be a success.

This higher level of engagement is seen as a welcome additional boost to tackle specific jobs with litter removal one of the most important. Litter has been identified by the housing association as something which causes significant concern to local people.

Maryhill’s chief executive, Lynn Wassell, said: “The Association has listened carefully to what our customers have had to say on the need to keep our neighbourhood looking good.

“We know that improving the local environment is a top priority for Maryhill. The job that Frank and Gary are now undertaking is just another way of us taking quick and effective action on the things that matter greatly to the community.”


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