Podcast: Young professionals with Nicola Dillon, Julie‑Ann Cloherty​ and Collette Anderson

Podcast: Young professionals with Nicola Dillon, Julie‑Ann Cloherty​ and Collette Anderson

Collette Anderson, Julie‑Ann Cloherty​ and Nicola Dillon

Scottish Housing Day took place last month to celebrate careers across housing by showcasing the variety of roles and routes into the sector and making the case for housing to be recognised as an important and valued career.

But it also served to raise awareness of the need to replace a largely ageing workforce and support the next generation of housing professionals to continue to meet the increased standards and challenges of the future.

The housing sector employs tens of thousands of professionals, but there is no sector-wide strategy on recruitment, retention or talent development - and there are concerns that young people especially are falling through the cracks.

Joining Kieran Findlay and Jimmy Black on the latest episode of the Scottish Housing News Podcast were Collette Anderson, corporate services & innovation manager at Milnbank Housing Association; Julie‑Ann Cloherty​, learning and development officer at Share, and consultant Nicola Dillon.

The conversation touches on the struggle for housing associations to attract young people and how this is having an impact on recruitment. We then highlight the perception of housing and how this can be more accurately reflected before hearing about Share’s Young Housing Professionals Network and the Investors in Young People Framework.

Jimmy Black has written a blog to accompany the episode here.

The fair work and meta-skills videos by River Clyde Homes mentioned in the episode are available here: 

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